Trump To Unveil New Apprenticeship Programs

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President Donald Trump is expected to expand apprenticeship programs as a focal point of his labor policy, aimed at filling a record level of open jobs and draw back Americans who have left the workforce.

The Wall Street Journal reported last weekend that the president will announce the initiative this week. Apprenticeships are an underused form of workforce training in the United States, compared with European countries, the newspaper said.Blue collar news, US Steel, American Steel, Manufacturing US

Nine of 10 Americans who complete apprentice training land a job with a starting salary of $60,000 a year, according to the Labor Department.

The administration is committed to “supporting working families and creating a pathway for them to have robust and successful careers,” Ivanka Trump said on Friday, according to the newspaper. “There has been a great focus on four-year higher education, and in reality, that is not the right path for everyone.” Read More Here

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