Manufacturing And Education For The Future

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by Rose Richmond

While we watch and wait for November 8 and the Elections, we are hoping that the next President will be focused on manufacturing and the over 800,000 jobs that were sent out of the country as a result of NAFTA. We are seeing TPP move forward and all of that seems to point to manufacturing not making a comeback.seco_mfgdayfe-265x198

But as is the American Spirit, we have begun to prepare our next generation, just in case it does return. To make sure we have a workforce in place is absolutely a necessity. The American Blue Collar Worker has become a part of the Endangered Species of American Career Process and we all are praying for that revival of our Middle Class and Our Blue Collar America, we all love.

From the machinist to the tool and die makers, our Education system has stopped Shop Classes and Metalworking Classes. Everybody wanted their child to go to college for a White Collar Job such as a Lawyer or Banker Or Engineer. But America has to have the capability to build stuff, for our protection and well being. Not encouraging kids that enjoy working with their hands or with projects such as metal works, is leaving us without the proper labor force to make us capable of taking care of America.

But slowly, we are seeing the Older Generation encourage parents and kids to take a fresh look at the industries in manufacturing. They know that not every kid wants to be an attorney or a doctor. Some kids really enjoy making things and working with their hands. As we see a twinkle of progress, we are seeing schools begin to implement programs to support and train those students who show an interest.

Across the country high schools are starting programs such as the  Manufacturing Engineering Partnership Program at Coopersville High School near Grand Rapids, Mich Or Carrolton High School outside of Atlanta. In Oregon, Sherwood High is among the state’s top academic performers, with a reputation for hands-on technical training. Students there can take wood and metal shop classes, along with five levels of engineering. The state grant will fund professional development and software at Laurel and Sherwood middle schools.

Both of these programs are showing huge success in the interest and the progress of students in those programs. Kids should be encouraged to do things that THEY are interested and want to pursue. They should not be forced into pigeonholed careers picked out by someone who doesn’t know them. America was built by the hands of its citizens. We have prospered and become a Superpower because of the things we built and the knowledge we had.

In 2016, we have hopes of being that country again. We have almost completely abandoned the very things that made us great to begin with. We created generations of non employable people who are miserable in their jobs, wondering why they chose that direction instead of doing something they loved.

We have to get the manufacturing to return to America and we have to work hard to restore Blue Collar America and the Middle Class. Spreading the word about training and opportunities for work will help. Supporting American trade and American workers will also help. Education and Training will supply the workforce for the future. A strong and knowledgeable workforce with innovation and dedication to build America strong for the future.


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