Why Trump Is Winning Over Ohio’s Blue-Collar Dems Decades of frustration is venting itself against immigrants, and Hillary lacks answers.

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By JEFF GREENFIELD July 20, 2016 (Reposted From Politico)gettyimages-598118388_wide-08e791b683e889c99a999625575298c850719baf-s1100-c15

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — For Tim Hagan, who’s been on top of Democratic Party politics in Cuyahoga County for more than four decades, Donald Trump’s strength among white working-class voters is no abstraction, nor a new phenomenon. He watched them flock to Richard Nixon’s re-election in 1972 over issues like patriotism, busing and welfare. He saw them help give Ronald Reagan a 10-point win in Ohio in 1980 and a 19-point landslide in 1984. He saw Democratic majorities in Cuyahoga County trumped by just enough votes among white, working-class voters in 2004 to give President George W. Bush the state—and therefore the White House.Read more here: 


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