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The NAFTA Prediction: U.s. Facing A Future That Doesn’t Include Blue-collar Workers


November 22, 1993|By William Raspberry, (copyright) 1993, Washington Post Writers Group.

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WASHINGTON — At one level, the pitched battle over the North American Free Trade Agreement was about an issue it will hardly touch-at least not in the near term. That issue is the future of blue-collar workers.

Indeed, it may be because the agreement has so little to do with the U.S. working class that it became such a hot topic. Here is an idea born under President Bush, elevated to critical status by President Clinton, backed by business and Republicans-the major economic thought of the season-and it doesn’t address the fears of the group that is the principal economic loser of the last 15 years. And by failing to address those fears, it exacerbates them. Read More Here