Making Manufacturing Cool-Training And Jobs For Those Who Rather Do Something Else!

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Parents should inform their children that modern manufacturing is the path to a great future.

This is an open letter to parents across America.

As hard as it may be to believe some days, research shows you actually have a lot of sway over your children’s classroom and career choices. That is great news for parents, like you, who want their children to find careers that pay well, offer interesting life-long challenges and make our country stronger. And it is why we are asking you to encourage your children to consider a career in modern manufacturing-a fast-growing and science-based sector full of rewarding, high-tech careers that pay on average far better than non-manufacturing jobs.

We need your help, because manufacturing has an image problem. While 70 percent of Americans view it as the most important industry for a strong economy and national defense, only 30 percent of parents encourage their children to pursue a manufacturing career. That may be because the word “manufacturing” still conjures up in some minds the image of an untidy factory floor full of dirty, dangerous and repetitive jobs.

Yet that image is grossly outdated.

In truth, many manufacturing facilities in the United States today are cleaner than most offices or doctors’ office waiting rooms. They are gleaming showrooms of the latest technologies. And they are staffed by highly-skilled and well-educated professionals producing the most exciting breakthroughs of our time, such as advances in robotics, automation and 3D printing.

There is also a huge and growing demand by U.S. manufacturers for skilled production workers, engineers and technicians. The resurgence in U.S. manufacturing since 2010 has already led to more than 600,000 additional jobs. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates that more than two-thirds of their sector’s current skilled workforce will have retired by 2030. READ MORE

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